Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's been a while . . . so time to update :-)

Well, we made it through the Thanksgiving holiday here at Glamis North Hot Springs and it was lots of fun!  We had almost 200 groups of guests so it was quite loud with all the ATVs but everyone had a great time riding the trails and sitting in the hot mineral springs.  We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at Sassy's Cafe - they marinated the turkey in orange juice and wine - it was delicious!  We're looking forward to the next big influx that will be here for New Years.

It was mentioned to me that I had not yet written about all the places we've been . . so I wanted to mention a place that is dear to our hearts because of all the friends we made there and who have a lasting affect on us.  That would be Rockport, Texas.  Specifically, Wilderness Oaks RV Park.  We were only there for a few months but it, like all of the places we've been, has helped us build on our experiences.  We believe that all experiences contribute to make us who we are and the people we met in Rockport will always be a part of us.  Ok, that was kinda sappy but true.  So, thanks Ty and Pam, Lisa and Donny, Brian and Nancy, and Jim!

And now for something completely different:  John would like to contribute to this blog by giving RV maintenance tips, so our next posts will concentrate on that topic.  For example, what maintenance needs to be done a regular basis, a detailed checklist to pack up or set up and many, many more topics.  He also invites you to submit questions that maybe he can help with.

Thanks for reading and joining us on our journey!

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