Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's been a while . . . so time to update :-)

Well, we made it through the Thanksgiving holiday here at Glamis North Hot Springs and it was lots of fun!  We had almost 200 groups of guests so it was quite loud with all the ATVs but everyone had a great time riding the trails and sitting in the hot mineral springs.  We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at Sassy's Cafe - they marinated the turkey in orange juice and wine - it was delicious!  We're looking forward to the next big influx that will be here for New Years.

It was mentioned to me that I had not yet written about all the places we've been . . so I wanted to mention a place that is dear to our hearts because of all the friends we made there and who have a lasting affect on us.  That would be Rockport, Texas.  Specifically, Wilderness Oaks RV Park.  We were only there for a few months but it, like all of the places we've been, has helped us build on our experiences.  We believe that all experiences contribute to make us who we are and the people we met in Rockport will always be a part of us.  Ok, that was kinda sappy but true.  So, thanks Ty and Pam, Lisa and Donny, Brian and Nancy, and Jim!

And now for something completely different:  John would like to contribute to this blog by giving RV maintenance tips, so our next posts will concentrate on that topic.  For example, what maintenance needs to be done a regular basis, a detailed checklist to pack up or set up and many, many more topics.  He also invites you to submit questions that maybe he can help with.

Thanks for reading and joining us on our journey!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankfully celebrating the day. . . .

Thanksgiving 2014 has been quite eventful here at Glamis North Hot Springs.  The weather has been delightful and people have been riding their ATVs and swimming in the mineral springs all day.  As I look out the window now at 6:00pm I see yet another truck and trailer arriving at our little piece of paradise.

John is working at the pool this evening, DJing and bar-tending.  He is TOTALLY in his element :-)

The park will be full until Sunday then it will be almost empty except on the weekends. There won't be another BIG weekend until New Years when we're sold out again.

We are really enjoying this workamping experience.  We don't work that hard and when we do it's fun!  I would recommend this park to anyone if you're in the area.  It is only open in winter because it is waaayyyy too hot in summer - we heard it was 132 degrees one day this last summer!  No thanks!  I thought Texas was hot - well, it is and it's humid too.  I guess that is one saving grace for Niland - no humidity. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, friends or both!  Love!

Joni and John

Monday, November 24, 2014

California here we come!

So from Parkview we traveled west to California.  We took a workamper position at Sacred Rocks Reserve near San Diego but only stayed for two weeks.  When we arrived the park was in disrepair and we learned that it was in foreclosure.  We hated to leave but it didn't look like we would have a job through the season. 

We were really close to Mexico when we were at Sacred Rocks.  We'd not seen the wall before . . . daunting.

We hear the park has been purchased and the new owners are fixing it up.  We wish them all the luck - it is a beautiful location in the high desert.

So, as we all know, everything happens for a reason and our journey to California was not for naught.  We took a position at Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton, CA and there is where we found a new family ;-)  We absolutely loved being there and that part of the California Central Coast is so beautiful - right in the middle of wine country!!  We were there for seven months and when we left it was like leaving part of us behind.

I couldn't be California without a convertible :-) We were there for about two weeks before I bought this.  We still have it and we LOVE it!

This is our site at Flying Flags.  The sites are tight but it's ok because we were there with family.  A potluck many nights or just sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather and climate and enjoying a glass of wine.

Good times!!

We went back for a visit a couple of weeks ago and had a great time!  An early Thanksgiving party because Bob was leaving and we were there.  Had lots of great wine :-)

John and Lorna

John and Janet

Joni and Terry

Debbie and Bob

The beginnings. . . .

We started full-time Rving in August 2012 and we've been to lots of places.  Since I just started this blog, I feel like I need to catch you all up on where we've been and what we've done. We bought a 2012 Open Range 40' 5th wheel and a 2009 Ford F350 King Ranch (go in style, right!) to pull the RV in July 2012.

We didn't have the RV yet when we purchased the truck.  It was too big to fit in the driveway at the house so we had to park it sideways :-)   We called it the BAT (BigAssTruck).

This picture was taken at Parkview Riverside RV Park in Concan, TX.  This was our first workamping experience and we were there for 7 months.  The park owner wanted all the workampers to park together . . . it was a bit "close" but a nice first experience.

This is an area they called "The Oasis".  This is where the workampers gathered at the end of th day for great conversation and a few adult beverages.

I'll dig up some more "history" pics and post them as I find them.

See you in cyberspace!

Joni and John

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Welcome to our blog!

This is the first post of many, many to come.  We are currently in Niland, California at Glamis North Hot Springs Resort. We will be here until April then we head to Estes Park, Colorado.  We have had a great journey so far and welcome anyone wanting to find a great place to retire to try Rving first.  It is a great way to see the country and search for the place where you will ultimately land.  Our plan is to travel for the next 15-20 years (we'll be nearing or in our 70s by then!) to determine what our view will be for the next 20 years from the rocking chairs on our porch :-) 

We have traveled from Texas to California back to Texas back to California but we REALLY want to see the East Coast.  John is very excited to see and experience Florida - especially the Keys.  We'll most likely head that direction in Fall 2015. 

The beauty of this lifestyle is we go where the wind blows us and home is where we park it!  We travel with our two Boston Terriers, Daphne and Buster.

Looking forward to many more posts and hope you follow us on our journey!

Joni and John